The Primal Nurse

I empower fellow stressed-out nurses who are overwhelmed with the demands of career, family and their own ticking clocks pour back into their own cups and turn their health around. 
I educate on how the lack of sleep, chronic stress patterns, and common diets of the average nurse are sabotaging their own health and setting them up for the very diseases they see every day.  
I use a primal approach to nutrition, movement, and lifestyle to help reverse common issues affecting women over 40 without starving themselves, spending hours they don't have in the gym or the guilt far too common when caregivers take time for themselves. 
Everything you need to thrive is inside you right now.  Let me show you. 

5 Primal Breakfast Ideas for Busy Nurses

Quick, easy and delicious ways to fuel for whatever your next shift throws your way

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"I don't sleep, I eat like crap.  You gave me the kick in the butt I needed..... I guess I needed permission from someone else who understands.  You were sent to me from God." 



Learn how to nurture the body through nutrition, movement and stress management to optimize health and wellness 


I will help you find your mojo and confidence to make yourself a priority and stop giving away your energy without feeling guilty


I will help you identify exactly what you want to achieve and call you on where and how you have been your biggest obstacle in your journey 


If you are tired of merely surviving every day, let's chat.  Fill out my discovery form and schedule a free call to see if coaching is right for you. 

I am ready